Wife Turns Hubby Into Beautiful She-male Sissy And Chains Him To Bed While Wife Has Sex In Next Bed

Dear Sissy,

I call my slave Fluffy because he-she ended up so soft and pretty. My slave has been going through her transformation for nearly three years now. He enjoyed crossdressing. I enjoy sex with a variety of men. When she showed me your magazine Forced Womanhood – we made a deal. I’d change him into a beautiful chastised slave and I could have extra sex. But, I now make him suffer that he can no longer have sex. You see, we have two twin beds in our bedroom.I chain him to his bed to watch others make wild passionate sex to me. I give great head and this upsets poor Fluffy so much that he can’t have any. Most of my lovers think Fluffy is my real female slave and get turned on even more.

Last night I chained her to the bed wearing a pair of your red ruffled panties, a pair of your red bow stockings and your Baby Doll shoes. I attached little bows to his pierced nipples. His new breasts stood out so nicely. my lover went crazy with lust when he saw her. I had great sex, but my lover kept looking at my pretty slave fluffy.

Ms. Diane

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