Wife Decides After Reading Enslaved Sissies To turn Her Husband Into A Real Sissy And Make Him Wear A Schoolgirl Outfit To His Job

Attention to Enslaved Sissies,
I have to write and tell you how much we like your new magazine. We’ve been reading your other magazines for the last couple of years, especially Forced Womanhood. When I read Sissies, I decided this is what I’m going to do to Keith. I actually just started turning Keith into a she-male. i will use what I learned from your magazine “Forced Womanhood” and “Enslaved Sissies and Maids”. We bought two of your outfits and Baby Doll shoes for Keith. I have started by binding him up and spanking him until he agrees to wear his satin sissy dress at home and his schoolgirl outfit to work. If he’s going to be my sissy slave, then everyone is going to know he’s just a sissy. I’m really having fun with this.
Also enclosed is our order for your Triple Strength Mammary, Feminique and Femglan. We really enjoy all your publications and catalogs. You’re really the only company we can depend on to get what we order.
JoAnn and Keith

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