Training A Sissy

My finger was shaking bad as I went to push the doorbell. Miss Linda had told me how my slave training was going to change. She told me she was going to turn me into her sissy slave. Oh My God! What was I doing here? Why did I even come back here? I was afraid of what my heart said in response. The truth was, I really wanted to be a sissy. Even the thought of the intense humiliations that were to follow excited me. I rang the doorbell and felt my doom consume me. Ms. Linda answered the door holding a blonde wig and pink satin little girl dress.
“Right on time, sissy. You must be very excited to become my sissy slave. Well, you will not be so happy with all the embarrassments you will suffer, I guarantee you. You will start as my little girl and be very obedient. Here is a pretty party dress and wig. You will get out of your boy clothes and put the dress and wig on. Then, you will ring the doorbell again.”
Oh no! I could not believe the implications of her words. I was to change into a sissy dress right there on her front stoop. In front of everyone outside! I looked around and did not see anyone. I quickly took offs my shirt and looked around again. There was still nobody there. I took off my shoes and pants. I was shaking as I pulled the dress over my head with my arms in the arm holes. The sleeves were short and lace trimmed. I pulled it down. Oh my God! It was so short you could see my underwear. I must have been blushing 10 shades of red. I was only able to get the zipper half way up the back. Then I put on the wig. It was a long blonde one. I nervously looked around again and saw nobody.
Still shaking I rang the doorbell. Miss Linda answered with an evil grin on her face. She told me to pick up my boy clothes. As I bent over she said, “Oh my, we can’t have my sissy showing off boys underwear. Take them off right now.”
Oh no! This was too much. I could not take off my underwear here in public. I balked a minute and she slapped me hard across the face. I immediately took them off. “There, that’s much better,” she said. “Now present me with your clothes and beg me to please throw them away as you will not have any need of them anymore.” I could not believe what I was hearing but did not hesitate. I bowed my head in shame and held my boy clothes out to her and begged her sweetly to take them and throw them away. She pulled a hand from behind her back and held up a pair of pink panties with rows and rows of ruffles all around them.
“I bet you really want to wear these, don’t you, sissy?”
Blushing in shame I said, “Yes, please, Miss.” She took my boy clothes and handed me the ruffled panties. With shaking hands I took them. She told me to put them on. I stepped into them and pulled them up my legs and into place. She told me to pull up my dress so she could check them. She ran her fingers around the leg bands and waist. She told me to put my dress back down. When I did she laughed at me and said, “Oh my, your dress is so short your pretty sissy panties show.”
She told me to turn around and show the neighbors my pretty dress. I reluctantly turned and she said, “Oh I see you could not get your zipper all the way up.” She pulled it up and then put a lock through the zipper and a loop on the edge of the collar.
She said, “There now you can’t get into any trouble trying to take it off.” Next she held out to me a bright pink petticoat, and said, “I bet you want to wear this too.”
Head bowed, I said, “Yes, please, Miss.” I took it from her and stepped into it and pulled it up to the waist of the dress that was up to just below my chest. The stiff petticoat held the skirt of the dress way out and that made even more of my shameful ruffled panties visible. Next she held out a pair of ankle socks with lace trim. Shamefully, I just took them from her and put them on. Then she held out a pair of white patent leather Mary Jane shoes. I put them on and stood before her. She told me to spin around and show off my panties to everyone just like little girls like to do. I spun and as I did I saw a neighbor across the street looking at me. “Very nice,” she said, “Now curtsy to our neighbor.” In utter shame I obeyed and dipped a sweet curtsy. She said, “Oh, how sweet, you’re a natural.”
She led me into the house and I felt so much better not being on public display. Then she led me into a little girls room all in pink and lace and said, “Here is your new bedroom, aren’t you excited?” I was, but hated to admit it to her. She looked at my ruined panties and said, “From your little clitty it is obvious you do.” Next she opened the closet and showed me all the pretty sissy dresses I would be wearing. I was shaking I was so excited. She took me over to a vanity table, had me sit and she began to apply makeup on my face. When she was done she told me to look into the mirror. I could not believe what looked back at me.
She took me into the living room, got a camera and started taking pictures. These will look so sweet on your web page. She laughed an evil laugh and kept taking pictures. Then she said, “Let’s see how you look in some of your other clothes.” She unlocked the zipper on my dress and then started putting different dresses and wigs and then having me pose for more pictures. She showed me a pink rubber nighty and told me that I should get used to it as I would be wearing it every night and sleeping on a rubber sheet as well. My head was swimming with all the new sensations and images turning round and round in my head. Oh my life would be so humiliating and the truth of my heart told me that it was what I wanted and was the real me inside.
I woke up the next morning not knowing where I was until all the humiliating facts and memories came flooding back into my mind. I was in a pink rubber baby doll nighty in a pink little girls room sleeping on a pink rubber sheet under another pink rubber sheet.
The hypnotic smell of rubber infiltrated my mind and made me weak to resist it all. I loved the rustling of the rubber top sheet as I pulled it off me. Miss Linda came in as I was getting out of bed and asked me how her little sissy slept. I mumbled, “Okay,” and sat there blushing under her gaze. Here I was a grown man 46 years old under the total control of a beautiful 21 year old woman. The submissive sissy deep within me would not let me disobey her every word. She pulled the front of my pink rubber panties out and looked in to see that I had a little sissy accident in them. She laughed and said not to worry about it, as that is what all sissies do and that’s why we sleep on rubber sheets. She led me into the bathroom and helped me take off my nighty. Then she showed me how to wash and dry it and dust it with baby powder to keep it fresh. Then she turned to me and said, “Now for you. Let us get you clean and fresh.” She looked me straight in my eyes and said, “Well, sissies don’t have hair all over them, do they?” She waited for me to answer, “No,” then told me to beg her sweetly to please shave all my nasty man hair off so I can be your sweet sissy. I gulped hard and squeaked out, “Please Miss, will you shave me so I can be a pretty sissy girl.”
She replied, “Well, if you insist, I guess I can’t break your heart.” She had me step into the bathtub and she lathered me up and began shaving my underarms, legs, bottom and my crotch and ball sack. The more hair she shaved off, the weaker I felt. As she was shaving me, she told me that soon she would take me to the salon and have all my hair permanently removed, but until then she would keep me shaved close. I shuddered inside thinking of how embarrassed I would be to have some lady at the salon permanently remove my hair, especially that around my tiny little clitty. Then Miss Linda turned the bath water on and put some sweet smelling powder in it and told me to sit down while she gave her sissy a bath. She washed my hair and body paying special attention around my clitty and she laughed when it tried to rise. She said, “My, my that sure is a pathetic little thingy for a man. But it’s perfect for a sissy girl.”
I wanted to die with shame knowing the truth of her words. She got me out and dried me off with a fluffy pink towel and dusted me all over with a sweet smelling powder puff.
“Now it’s time for your makeup, sissy,” and she pushed me ahead of her back into my bedroom. She held out another pair of the pink lace ruffled panties for me to step into saying, “I bet you want to hide your tiny clitty right away, right?”
I was forced to say, “Right,” and she pulled them up my legs and into place. Miss Linda put on me a sweet ruffled dress, petticoat and then my makeup.
“Now I want you to get used to your morning spanking,” she said. She had me follow her into the living room and she showed me where my paddle hung on a nail in plain view for everyone to see just in case they wanted to use it on my bottom or clitty. She told me to take it down and test it on my hand.
Ouch! That hurt. She said “Here, put your hands on the couch and I will pull your sissy dress out of the way and you can try it on your sweet bottom.”
Wow! That hurt too. She then told me to get on my knees and hand her the paddle and beg her to give me my morning spanking. Knowing that I had no choice I did as I was directed and pleaded for my morning spanking. She sat down and had me lay over her lap then she pulled my dress and petticoat up and my ruffled panties down and asked if I was ready.
I knew it would not matter if I said, “No,” so I said, “Yes, Miss,” and she wailed away on my bottom turning it a bright shade red. After which I was made to kiss her hand and the paddle and say, “Thank you, Miss.”
She pulled my panties back in place and fixed my dress and said, “There now, you’re ready for your day, sissy.”
I had no idea how humiliating my life could become. Miss Linda has delighted in parading me before her friends and our neighbors. She has made me hang my dresses and panties up to dry on clothes lines in our backyard for all the neighbors to see. I can’t bring myself to look at any of our neighbors in the eyes any more.
This morning I got into trouble when she wanted to take me for a walk around the neighborhood in one of my ultra short dresses and petticoats. My ruffled panties were clearly visible and I didn’t want everyone to see them and so I balked when she went to pull me outside. She promised me punishment later.
Oh God, help! What could be worse than I have gone through. I have been meek and very quiet all day pleading with my eyes for mercy. Miss Linda told me to go into the living room and sit sweetly and quietly and wait for her. I think I was visibly shaking. She walked up to me and showed me what she had in her hand.
She held out white leather wrist and ankle cuffs. My eyes were big as saucers. I stuttered out that she would not need them as I would be a very good sissy. “Too late sissy,” she said, “Hold your hands out.”
She put the wrist cuffs on tight. Then she put the ankle cuffs on. I pleaded with her to take them off and that I would be good. She laughed and said they were for my own safety. She did not want me to flinch and get hurt bad. I began to panic with her words.
Miss Linda said to follow her. I followed her into her bedroom. There were ropes on the bed coming from the four corners. She told me to lie down on the bed face down. I did as I was told, so scared I must have been white as a ghost. She took my ruffled panties off then told me to hold my arms out to the corners. She tied my arms tight to the corners then she got two big pillows and shoved them under my tummy raising my bottom into the air.
Then, ankle by ankle, she tied them tight to the corners. She was doing something I could not see and then she walked up to the head of the bed and I saw her with a big dildo strapped to her. Oh no! I struggled but could not move. She laughed and said, “See, the bondage was necessary.” She made me kiss the dildo and beg her to take my cherry. Knowing I had no choice I begged as I began to whimper and cry. She got up on the bed and pressed the tip of the dildo to my vulnerable rosebud. Thankfully, she had put some lubricant on it. The pain was searing as she shoved it all the way in. She laughed as I cried while she took me like the sissy I am. After a while it stopped hurting so much and kind of felt good. She told me she hoped I liked it because I would be taken like a slut often. When she had finished with me she made me again kiss the dildo and thank her. Through my tears I did as I was told. She untied me and helped me up.
My mind was numb because of the implications of her words. Would my shame ever end?

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