Submissive Korean Girl Reads Our Magazine – And Turns The Tables On Her Strict Dominant Husband And Turns Him Into A Submissive Slave

I was born and raised in South Korea. My American husband bought me by paying off my family’s debt. It was my job to take care of the house and his every need. He grew use to having me around so when it was time to return to the states he married me so I could go as well. At first I couldn’t believe how American women treated their men. I was raised to do what ever the men around me said. In America the women did what ever they wished. The more time I lived here the more I learned to act as an American woman. However when I started to express my needs and desires my husband threatened to send me back to Korea. That is when I found a copy of your magazine Forced Womanhood and it change my life forever. Your magazine not only showed me a way to make my husband listen, it gave me a chance to treat a man the way they had always treated me.
Since my husband was rich, there was no need for him to work, but still he spent little time at home, which left me free to plan. I had my own credit card, which he allowed me to use as much as I like, so money wasn’t an issue either. Your company’s phone operator was very helpful. They had me get measurements so everything would fit just right and even offered helpful suggestions of other magazines I might read. They also had no problem delivering to a P.O. Box so I could surprise my husband when I was ready. I received many helpful things from your company to put my plan into action.
Two months later I was finally ready. I slipped one of my sleeping pills into my husband’s nightly drink. Once he was out I went to work. Slipping on a pair of pink satin ruffled panties, which your company had altered to fit my needs. I admired how well they showed off his small cock and freshly shaved legs. The pink matching corset was so tight that it was a wonder he could breath at all. Topping it all off I added a long brown wig and custom made gag. Your company was so great about making it for me. I sent in a drawing and they made it perfectly. Tying him securely to the bed, I curled up to sleep while I waited for the drugs to wear off.
I awoke to his struggling body as he tried to free himself. His muffled yelling was like music to my ears. “Time for the finishing touches”, I thought. Since we have mirrors mounted above our bed I had no doubt he wouldn’t miss a thing. Attaching your self adhesive D size silicone breast was easier then I thought it would be. As I placed the FL on his cock he watched in horror, probably thinking it was something to remove it. Placing the break-off screws in place he seemed to hold his breath like he was waiting for the pain. Breaking them off, there was a slight snap sound as I explained to him I never wanted him to forget what he once was. Now his cock, that he had done all his thinking with, was imprisoned for life. I took down his favorite whip. I gently caressed it as I remember how many times he had used it on me, just for fun. The whip lashed out stinging the thighs, cock and arms of its previous Master. I whipped him until he passed out.
When he awoke I attended to his welts. I carefully explained to him that I now owned him and the sooner he realized that, the less it would hurt him. He saw me putting your vitamins in his food and refused to eat. It only took a few days before he gave way to hunger and would eat whatever I would offer him. After only a month of continuous whipping he gave into my will. He signed everything over to me and signed a contract acknowledging that he was my slave for life.
I had a private doctor come to my home to perform the implants. Although your vitamins had done wonders for his body I wanted faster results. The first time I saw the new DD breasts I was so excited. The doctor was more then happy to help me out, as well. I leaned over my securely tied slave as the doctor rammed his cock in my wet pussy. I could see my husband squirm as the metal bit into his encased harding cock. Try as he might the pain was too great to achieve even a hard on with the FL in place. I knew from the look on his face he wanted to be the one fucking my tight dripping pussy. I saw his face change as he realized he would never fuck another woman and would never be allowed to cum again. I came so hard that I left my new slave covered in cum. Not bothering to clean her off the doctor then went to work on her. Shoving his cock in her tight virgin ass. The only lube he used was what I had covered him with. I removed her gag so I could hear her screams as they echoed off the walls. Her screams and the doctor’s forceful taking her made me wet again. As the doctor’s cock shoved deeper in her ass I knew I needed some more attention. Sitting on her face, I rubbed my pussy against her, making her lick me though several orgasms as the doctor fully opened my new girl.
I just had to write to tell you thank you. After much training and work my husband is now my maid, Tara. Around the house she wears your M2 maids outfit. We have gotten several pairs of baby doll shoes and lacy socks from your company. I was very happy to see the new Enslaved Sissy and Maids Magazine your company recently produced. I can’t wait to read what other readers have done to feminize their men. Thank you once again, your company has showed me what it means to truly be free and happy.
Korean Mistress

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