Slave Erika: My Life As a Houseboy/Slave

Dear Enslaved,
My wife wants me to tell you about us. I will try to keep it short. Two years ago was the last time that i fucked her, it was on our wedding night. The next day she locked my cock and balls up and they have been that way almost every day since. She says all she needs from me is my mouth. As of right now i have not been allowed to cum in the last 5 months. We have a live-in boyfriend, he has a monster 10” cock that keeps her very satisfied. After he has fucked her (always in front of me) i get to suck his cock clean and eat his cum out of or off of her pussy. And i suck his cock clean after he fucks me. The best thing is that he is uncut and he will let the “crud” build up for me to clean out.

Enslaved Sissy Hard At Work

Enslaved Sissy Hard At Work

As for myself, my body is kept shaved. I spend the day as her houseboy. I have sheer thigh high stockings on, spike high heel shoes with locking ankle straps (she takes the keys with her to work), and my fingernails are long and always painted bright red or hot pink. I have red lipstick on. I have a large butt plug in my ass and the plug has a long “tail” on it. My nipples have rings in them. I spend the day keeping the house up. I cook for them and clean every surface routinely. I sleep chained on the floor at the foot of their bed. If they have to go to the bathroom during the night, they wake me and use my mouth as their toilet. It’s easy not to “spill” any of his piss but if i “spill” any of hers the punishment is severe. I keep her legs and underarms shaved and keep her pubic hair trimmed and shaped nicely. Even when they have friends over, the stockings, high heel shoes, the pony tail plug all stay on and in! My wife loves to keep my face tight to her pussy when she has the “girls” over. Before they leave, i have eaten all of them, and it never fails, at least one of them is on her period. When my wife is pleased with me i get to lie on the bed and her boyfriend will fuck her in the pussy and ass over my face, letting all of their juices and fluids run down on my face and into my waiting mouth. After he cums he will stay inside of her ‘til he pisses. Then she puts her pussy tight on my mouth and gives me his piss.

I am their waiter for dinner and when they are done i get what is left—which i have to eat out of a dog dish. I have a very short pink leather mini skirt that i put on when i have to go out and get the mail or water the flowers. It is short enough that the tail on my butt plug shows, even when i’m standing up straight. I am only allowed to bring one piece of mail in at a time. There have been times i have made 15 or more trips to the mail box. Boy do i get looks, walking to the mailbox in my heels, stockings and micro miniskirt.

If my mouth is not on her pussy i have one of her soiled panties or one of his worn jocks stuffed in my mouth. This helps me remember that i am not allowed to talk. They use my mouth as their ashtray and put their butts out on my chest.
That about tells my story, i live my life as a houseboy/slave, my wife says that by the end of the year that i will start the program to grow breasts. I hope so, i would love to grow breasts for her. I could wear sexy lace bras and have her show them off to her girlfriends. And her boyfriend said he wants to play with them while i suck his cock.

My wife just put the plastic cover on one of the chairs in the living room. The plastic cover means that the “girls” are coming over and one of them will be using my tongue as her tampon! Guess i had better freshen my nail polish and lipstick and put on the “company” high heels and sheer thigh highs.
Thank you for your time,
Slave Erika

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