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Are you curious to feel the sting of a whip on tender flesh? Maybe you love the feeling of your girlfriend’s satin panties when you put them on? Or perhaps you wish to submit to a beautiful dominant woman?

No matter what you are curious about we can help you explore and enjoy your fantasies, from mild to wild! We are Centurian and since 1969 we have been helping people just like you express your sexuality, kinks, and desires.

Our specialties are custom tailored clothing and fetish wear, hand-crafted leather bondage gear, and transformation products for transgender women and crossdressers. We also offer an extensive selection of hard to find magazines, books, and hardcore comics, many of which are only imported to the US by Centurian and not available anywhere else! Check out the Centurian Online Store now!

TRANSFORMATION is our flagship publication, a glossy hard-print adult lifestyle magazine covering the transgender/transsexual and crossdressing community. From arts & entertainment to events & nightlife to community resources & advice we include it all and spice things up with interviews with TS porn stars and avant guarde drag performers. Check out our blog Transformation Magazine Online to see what we have been up to!


FORCED WOMANHOOD is all about men transformed into sexy she-male slaves by mistresses and masters! Check out our blog Forced Womanhood Online to get the latest updates and excerpts from the magazine!

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  1. Budoy says:

    Dear Spoiled Jenny, Obviously you’ve seen yourself in the morrir, and just in case you were not aware of it not only does your morrir think of you and as a Beautiful Goddess and want to be just like you but so do I. Of course I could never be a Goddess such as yourself by any stretch of the imagination nor could I ever have a real Period which only comes with being born the only true Superior gender Female. Even so I want to be female so badly that I do what ever I have to for my never to be a real female life as a Sissy Transvestite. I know how bizarre and very!!!!! un socially exceptable my use of discarded menstrual items is, but I’m not stealing them out of peoples home waste baskets or women’s restrooms and in my mind I just have to have my monthly period which means to find them without breaking any laws or violating any women’s restrooms which I would not do for any reason I have to find them by the only way I can think of and as disgusting as it is and yes it is, I have to dumpster dive for them. I’m a very nice, sweet, kind and honest Sissy Fag to the point that I have told every single person I know all about me, I hate liars but I do not hate myself, I love my life, my periods and my life dressing like a 3 to 4 year old little Sissy Girl. The reason I’m on your sites is not because I hate myself, it’s because I first became humiliated at a very young age and many!!! times before getting out of school. I became so use to being extremely humiliated by people that now it’s just a important part of my life and I not only grave very!! embarrassing humiliation but I need it and Love it!!

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