Sissy On A Leash

Ms. Kristen almost never lets her in-house sissy, Dolly, out in public. However, she’s showing off her Spring Sissy Collection at a garden party and has come up one model short.
It’s been literally months since Dolly has been allowed outside, and while he’d never think to offer the slightest resistance the poor thing was so nervous about appearing in public she decided to collar and leash him.
She can sympathize with Dolly’s reluctance to be shown off to complete strangers as the total sissy that he’s been made into. But, she felt, with is tiny, girlish waist and big behind, that he’d look absolutely adorable in the suspendered, skin-tight, red, satin capris, dainty, cape sleeved top, matching gloves and ribboned sissy shoes.
He’d look perfect, she decided, with a big bow in his hair. Polly tried so hard not to cry as he saw himself in the mirror. Which was when Ms. Kristen thought it best to keep him on the end of a leash until she got him back inside again.

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