Muffy She-male Sissy Of The Month

I thought I’d die and gone to heaven when I met Mark. A real man’s man. Burly, athletic, bulging muscles and best of all a truly huge cock that was like a piece of iron. He projected a no bullshit, do-as-I-say attitude in our relationship. Which, in a way, was a relief from my last boyfriend. A real milktoast, treated me like a Queen, always showering me with flowers and gifts.
But, after a while, it really got old. What I decided was I wanted a real man, and I thought Mark was it. That is until one day I surprised him at his apartment. Walking in to see him traipsing around in lingerie, stockings and heels. Worst of all, it was mine.
He tried to convince me it was just a harmless past time. A normal fetish that he declared a lot of men had. Well, I wasn’t buying it, but I pretended I did. Thoroughly crushed I told him that if he wanted to dress up he was going to learn to do it right. I would help him, but he’d have to move in with me. He couldn’t believe how understanding I was and immediately agreed.
I demanded he wear no men’s clothing outside of work, and to ensure this I locked up all his clothes except his jeans, work boots and one T-shirt a day. Once in the apartment he was no longer Mark, he was Muffy.
I instituted lengthy, nightie instruction on how to sit, walk, stand and speak. “She” was to act meek, passive and very submissive. As muffy she no longer initiated sex. I was in charge and on top. I half expected the old Mark to show up, hoping that he would, but he was lost in his fantasy world. Well, so be it, I thought.
When I spanked her for the first time all Muffy did was cry. A result of the quite severe hairbrushing I gave her, but I was sure that the hormones I was secretly feeding her had something to with it as well.
When she complained that her chest hurt and her nipples were getting very sensitive all she did was sob when I candidly admitted it was probably a result of hormones.
I finally got her in skirts full time when her pants split for the second time at the construction site revealing the red lace panties. I now demanded she wear at all times.
Naturally she was laughed off the site and could, obviously , never go back or get another job anywhere in the city.
So, I gave her the only job, with her boobs, that suited her – keeping house.
Which she did an excellent job of, or she got her ass spanked. Still there was one recurring problem. In one area Muffy was still all man and still wanting me to fuck her, even if it was on my terms.
Naturally she was crushed when I informed her that a real woman wouldn’t think of fucking a sissy she-male. Still she begged and begged which I frankly got fed up with. I told her she really needed to put all those silly thoughts out of her mind. Which, I said, I would help her do.
I jerked her off one last time, which really wasn’t all that easy as Muffy’s organ no longer got stiff as it once did, and, as I pointed out, it was shrinking so rapidly. I didn’t think she’d be able to put it in me and keep it there. Chastising her didn’t hurt her at all, so I really couldn’t understate her hysterical sobs when she looked between her legs.
The days when I go out to fuck a real man Muffy stays in her bed, nicely chained up. She used to cry when I’d leave, now she just sits and does her nails.

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