Mistress Omega’s Sissy Slave

I LOVE MISTRESS OMEGA . She named me pissboy. I have been serving her for the past 3 years. This year I have been honored to become a personal slave to Mistress Omega. We have spent hundreds of hours in her multiple dungeons where I have experienced the ecstasy of submitting to a beautiful sadistic woman with a limitless imagination and an artistic creativity that is a wonder to behold. Mistress Omega is a multidimensional person. Virtually anything is possible when I am bound in her dungeon. A touch of kindness is often the precursor to painful sadistic torment. I am always happy when my suffering causes her to smile with joy. In this series I will describe the various unanticipated situations and predicaments that I have willingly endured. I will also try to convey the deeply felt love and admiration I feel serving such a remarkable woman.

I am in MISTRESS OMEGA’S private dungeon. She has bound me to her torture table. Lying on my back with my arms and legs cuffed to the four corners of the table. My head is secured tightly by MISTRESSES favorite head harness which is composed of straps of leather that allow the head to remain cool even as the straps tightly bind on both sides of the harness and at the top of the harness… I can not move my head even one millimeter.

My penis is pulled back and painfully stretched by a thin cord at the head which is attached to a chin strap on the harness. My testicles are also tightly wound up by the thin cord and connected to an overhead eye bolt which lifted them upward.
Creating further painful pressure each of my big toes have been also tied to my balls.

Any movement causes a different part of my body to feel pain! I anticipated a particularly heavy session when I arrive and caught a glimpse of MISTRESS OMEGA wearing her 8” black patent platform ankle boots and a short shiny black patent mini dress. A vision a cruel, sexual power. Right now she is applying metal clips to my nipples. Although I am blindfolded beneath the harness, I can feel her majestic presence. Suddenly my nipples are pinched by her sharp red nails. As I squeal in surprise she quickly applies the nipple clamps. Her wonderful melodic voice is right above me as she chuckles, “My poor little Piss boy, you are my guinea pig today… are you ready?”

“Yes MISTRESS OMEGA, thank you for the privilege.” I am enthralled. The joy of submitting to such a special and creative woman will carry me through the pain… I hope.

My rapture is interrupted by my own voice screaming in surprise as a huge glob of very hot wax drowns my nipples. Back and forth across my chest from nipple to nipple…. a trail of agony. “Ow! Ow!” the searing wax is poured over my sensitive belly. I can’t help squirming and yank my balls and nipples. I try moving from side to side but now my distended cock is fully stretched out. I realize I must remain as still as possible or I may lose my entire “package!”

MISTRESS OMEGA allows me the upper part of my body time to rest as the was now drenches my toes, feet and legs. I am kicking furiously but my legs are barely moving. I am screaming pretty loud”OhOhOhhh!” The fiery wax is on my cock and balls. The pain is excruciating. After several minutes of this unbearable torment I hear MISTRESS OMEGA say the words I live for “What a good boy” I know my suffering is pleasing her. I am slapped hard and quick many times across both sides of my face. MISTRESS OMEGA has conditioned me to enjoy her slapping as if they were passionate kisses. In a gentle playful voice she warns me “ Do not move or you will be burnt unintentionally.

MISTRESS OMEGA is very precise in her sadism. She controls the pain and suffering 100%. “Ahh ahhh ahyee!” My cock is being covered by an endless amount of extremely hot was. I can feel something being pressed down on the wax which is acting as an adhesive. The horrible sensations are being repeated to my balls and nipples.

As the process now begins on my belly button. I began to howl. My squirming causes me to create simultaneous burning sensations around my cock and nipples.

My skin feels like It is on fire. I realize that I am being used as a candle holder!

Burning candles are resting on a bed of wax on my stretched out cock, balls and nipples and now my belly button. I can hear MISTRESS OMEGA laughing at my predicament. Her laughter allows me to reach deep down and within myself and give her all that I have. MISTRESS OMEGA is above my head again, she pinches my nose shut which forces my mouth open. I am receiving cool water directly from her mouth … “How are your feeling?” she whispers in my ear. She’s so close to me I almost pass out with joy. “I feel wonderful MISTRESS, thank you” MISTRESS OMEGA is gently stroking my flaming body with her sharp nails. As she grooms me by yanking extraneous wax from my hairy body, I quiver to her touch causing the lit candles attached to me to spill over their wax further burning my body. I cannot stop my howling it is so very painful. I am bellowing so loud, at first I don’t realize MISTRESS OMEGA had already started to apply clothes pins to my balls. As each pins tightens the skin, I begin to moan louder and louder. I have about 25-30 clothes pins right on my balls. This, along with the recurring burns from the candles make me scream out at top volume!

Mistress Omega loves my screams, she plays me like a finely tuned instrument to achieve the sounds she desires. She purposely brushes and hits the clothespins, knowing how much I will sing out as I suffer. Once again MISTRESS OMEGA has created a sadistic masterpiece. The candles are extinguished. The clothespins are removed very painfully, mostly one at a time. Each time the pain is similar but still unique in its depth and duration. MISTRESS OMEGA can remove each pin slowly or yank then off it is followed by pinching the newly exposed area.

The hurt is diabolical in its intensity. If my head weren’t tightly fastened to the torture table I would fly through the roof. Finally all the pins are removed. My sobs faded to softer whimpering. My legs, arms and head are still bound.

MISTRESS OMEGA slaps my face over and over and she pinches my nose again. When I open my mouth it is her tasty saliva that slides down my throat “ such a good
boy you are very entertaining this afternoon now wait here I may need to pee later.”

Still blindfolded, I hear her 8” heels click as she leaves the dungeon. I am left in ecstatic reverie, already anxious for my MISTRESSES return.


Piss Boy

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