Lady Turns Lazy TV Into She-male Maid Slave

Dear Enslaved:
Three months ago I’d chosen Keith as the loveliest, most feminine and submissive of the applicants to my ad for a TV maid and slave/lover. At first he seemed eager to please, loving my breasts and pussy whenever I wished and not complaining about the almost constant bondage in one form or another. Then he became too secure with his position and slacked off the housework. I threw him across my black leather pants lap, pulled up his brief maid’s skirt and spanked his cut-out pantied ass soundly. Before leaving for work the next day I tied him, penis gagged, in a chair with ropes that were tight but could be slipped with an hour’s struggle. He was supposed to clean the house after he was free, but I returned home early to find him still bound and gagged and repeatedly masturbating his cock with the friction of his rubbing nylon thighs. I spanked him with my riding crop, locked his prick in a Phallic Fidelity Enforcer, and ordered a FL3C Frenum Chastity and even more creams and pills from your catalog.
I had planned to slowly transform Keith into a she-male but it was now clear that I should speed things up and diminish his sex drive. I ignored his pleas and kept him locked in the Enforcer until the Frenum arrived, which he discovered prevented a hard-on with heavy pain. His horny mind was now free from distracting thoughts of sex and he did his housework and other duties diligently once again.
The extra hormones worked. Keith’s body became smoother and curvier, helped also by the tight corsets that nipped his trim waist and gave his butt and hips a rounder, more feminine appearance. He was fascinated with his steadily growing breasts and female changes but his diminishing cock size and sex drive gave him second thoughts about becoming a she-male. I had already devoted time and money and was delighted with the results so far. No way was I going to let Keith walk out!
Hoping I would change my mind, Keith again did sloppy work and tried to stop using the creams and pills. I backhanded him to the floor, straddled his slim waist and tied him tight, from shoulders to waist with sash cords, then yanked him up by his flowing auburn hair. I dragged him to a tall stool, seated him and hooked his 8″ heels over a rung, then tied his nyloned ankles and silenced him with a harness ball-gag.
After that day Keith has been very obedient. There was only a mild protest when his tiny penis was permanently secured in a FL2 Frenum Chastity, depriving him of sex, two years ago. Six months later his nicely developed breasts were ready for implants. Voice and feminine training lessons completed his transformation, and now “Karen” is a very meek and gorgeous, she-male slave, maid/lover.
I go to real men for sex. and delight in taking Karen.
Tied and gagged, her tiny Frenum encased penis hidden by a realistic-looking pussy (from your catalog), she watches while I enjoy myself with a cock stuffed in my mouth, pussy or ass – sometimes all at once. Men are always fascinated and find it hard to accept that Karen is not a complete
woman. Having been a man, she pleases them as a man likes to be pleased. Besides her mouth, ass and tit-tunnel, her slim fingers have a feathery touch that can keep a man on the verge of climax for a long time—me too for that matter. I love to watch her being gang!-banged and degraded, then strap on a fat, long dildo and join in!
Mistress Eve

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