Lady owner of brokerage firm turns men into she-male assistants for her key employees to enjoy

Charlene Jacobs put all her time and money into a small brokerage firm that she owned, Capital Investments. The problem was she had to compete with the big boys for the top talent. And when she trained someone as a broker as soon as they got really good, they left.
All that changed when she came home unexpectedly from a business trip to find her husband all made up, and dressed up in one of her party dresses. At first she thought it was perverted and had decided to divorce him. But then she got a sudden inspiration. Why not use his weakness for girly things to her advantage, So, she was not only understanding, and encouraging, she helped turn him into a fairly attractive girl, whom she named Trixie.
Charlene then made two important business decisions. All the stock brokers in her company were going to be women. She would hire or train, the best she could find. Second, all her clients were going to be only women. And it would be Trixie, and other girly boys like him who ensure low turnover.
She had a hard time not laughing as she recruited her “girls”. She could see how excited each got when told that she was looking for “special” girls to fill an important position in her company. And because she wanted not only to fit in, but to be as an attractive addition to the company as possible. Not only would they be supplied with a basic wardrobe for the office, including shoes and accessories, they’d receive an ample clothing allowance and weekly beauty appointments paid for by the company. As to salary all she said was that it would be in keeping with their special position and that they would be adequately compensated.
No previous experience was necessary as they would under go a training program that would teach them all they needed to know. Charlene got so many applications she was able to pick the most believable.
A new girly boys first day was always an exciting one. New clothes, a trip to the beauty salon, a welcoming party. The second day was, however, quite a shock for the poor things, as they attended their first trainee class.
They were to start out, they were told, in the official capacity as a company ass licker once they had been trained to kiss, lick, nibble, and had developed adequate endurance with their tongue. Once adequately trained their only duty was to lick the asses of all the secretaries, typists, file clerks and receptionists. At night they took classes to be proficient as a company foot and shoe girl. Which they were promoted to after they’d learned how to lick and polish shoes and boots. Give foot massages and bathe feet.
Once promoted their training classes prepared them of their advancement, Company Titty Girl. Where they learned hoe to stimulates women’s breasts and nipples using a variety of techniques. Once promoted to Titty Girl they studied long and hard, hours to prepare them for their next promotion, Company Pussy Licker. When they completed their studies they would spend all their time licking the office staff’s pussies.
Naturally they were all shocked when they learned what the duties of a Personal Services assistant were. However it was calmly explained how important a position this was, and we were sure they were ideally suited for it.
Besides as promised, they would be well compensated starting out a rate of five dollars an hour. Which worked out to $800 dollars an month. Although $500 of it went to rent the tiny apartment in the boarding houseĀ  the company owned. $130 to social security and $100 put in a 401K plan. Leaving them with $42.50 a week. After food they’d have a whole ten or twelve dollars to spend as they pleased. And, they were reminded, they had other benefits, like their clothing allowance of one new outfit (including shoes and accessories) a month, and weekly appointments.
They would also receive an annual cost of living increase of $.50 and hour, plus another $.50 raise each time they were promoted.
Once fully trained in all the basics their nightly studies consisted of advanced training, in all areas, concentrating on stamina and technique. When one of our girls completes her advanced training she’s promoted to the title of Broker’s Personal Services Assistant.
You see I solved the problem of turn-over and the big firms stealing my best people by giving each broker her own personal assistant. But only after they’d been with the firm two years. Having your pussy or ass licked, your feet or breasts massaged on demand throughout the day proved to be a big hit, and was one perk the big boys couldn’t offer Most of the women kept their special assistants under their desks. However even after their promotion our girls continued their nightly training and classes to prepare them for their next advancement. That of Senior Broker’s Personal Services Assistant, for which they took classes in manicures and pedicures, shaving or waxing legs and underarms, grooming, pussy trimming, serving, and domestic duties.
If having their own special services girl wasn’t enough to hold onto a good broker, when they were promoted to a Senior Broker they not only had their own special “girl”, but they got to take them home with them. They could keep them as long as they wanted and train them to perform any additional duties they wanted. And in this respect many were quite creative and demanding.
The highest promotion one of our girls could aspire to was that of Personal Services Assistant to Clients, or potential clients, who almost always signed on after being given one of our “girls” for a day or two. And for as long as they remained a client a special girl was always available whenever they wanted.
“Girls” who achieved this highest level were pampered with an additional 50 cents an hour raise, double the clothing allowance, their hair makeup always professionally done before being loaned out. And they were allowed to pet their pussies the next day, if a good report on their performance was turned in.
Which they really looked forward to. You see, on their first day of training a tight, rubber sheath that barely expanded was put on their girly pussies, leaving the knob free. As they went about their duties the poor thing’s pussie got ever so excited. And the tight sheath not only made them so incredibly stiff, it prolonged how excited they remained for unbearably long times. Even worse, the sheath was so tight even if they wanted to it wouldn’t allow their pussies to spurt. The knob would become so sensitive that even brushing against their frilly, satin panties would excite them.
At the company level only the one judged the best of the week was allowed fifteen minutes to pet her pussy. We found the rubber sheath an excellent training device and an incentive to be just as enthusiastic and eager licking her first ass at eight in the morning as her last pussy lick when the girls left at 5:30.

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