I’m really beginning to enjoy telling you about my adventures so here is another one that might get your pants tented. Today I want to tell you about being bent over… The last time it happened to me was in high school, so this is a first in a very long time.
I met Kristi online and after chatting for a few weeks I agreed to meet her at her house. She lived about an hour away from me, so I had a lovely drive, dressed as any other woman would for summer. My cute platform sandals really showed off my fresh pedicure and I wore a dangerously short skirt which exposed my smooth, tanned legs. I made a quick stop for fuel and coffee, and then set off down the back country roads. When I arrived, Kristi was waiting for me, looking more sissy than I ever imagined. Her pink dress and crinoline made my tank top and skirt look positively butch.
She gave me a tour of her house and I was amazed to find each room decorated frillier than the last; pink was everywhere and every window fluttered with ruffled lace curtains! After some chat and socializing (and a couple of drinks), we soon found ourselves kissing each other in her living room and whispering sweet sissy nothings in each other’s ear. Soon enough, hands with painted nails found their way under hemlines and were rubbing panties while the kissing continued. We must have looked like quite the pair of limp-wristed sissies when the penises came out from behind the panties and we started rubbing them together as we kissed.
Before I knew it we were out of our dresses and down to our underthings. I found myself flat on the floor with one of Kristi’s pink high heels pressing down between my shoulders while I ran my tongue up and down her other shoe. Yes, I am so much a fairy that I will shoe worship another sissy! Kristi called me all of my favorite names while I was licking and simultaneously rubbing the pre-cum covered head of her penis.
She pulled me up to my knees and very quickly pushed her cock into my mouth. I greedily sucked her off to the point of twitching and when she pulled out she was grinning. I asked her if she wanted to fuck me and she smiled mischievously, “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before!”
I found myself kneeling over the end of her bed with my knees spread wide, exposed and vulnerable. I felt her lube me up and then the insistent pressure of her cock against my ass. She leaned over me and I caught a whiff of her perfume; I was engulfed by a heavenly cloud of her sweet scent.
She whispered, “Take it you little fairy,” over and over as she pressed forward, letting time and weight work her hard cock into me. Slowly, suddenly, I felt myself open and her cock slid into me. It hurt at first, as Kristi’s shaft pumped in and out, but I relaxed and soon was enjoying the high of having a real live cock inside me again. I could feel her stockings rubbing my thighs and the front of her crinoline on my back. I was in heaven!
Her cock felt absolutely huge inside me and soon enough, she started to really pump her hips. Here I was, with my sandals on, pink panties pulled aside, belly down and being fucked like a whore. I just can’t describe how much like a pantywaist I felt being fucked by a stocking-clad sissy. The nylon rubbing, the smell of perfume and baby powder were sending me to girly places I’ve never been before.
I could feel her hand rubbing my sissy cock as she stroked in and out of me. She started pumping faster and faster and soon forgot about my penis. Then she shoved deep and hard with a low moan and I could feel her squirting inside me. I was moaning too. I had never been cum in before and to feel her warm, squishy goo inside sent me right over the edge. I couldn’t help but squirting my juice right then and there. Kristi leaned down and whispered in my ear, “You’re such a sissy whore” as she stroked my softening cock.

Beware if you buy the print edition of Enslaved Sissies And Maids 33 this might happen to you.

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