From Wall Street To Pussywhipped Sissy Maid

It was a thrill to finally graduate in 2007 and after years of scrimping as a student I was hungry for a job on Wall Street; the economy was booming and I was confident that I could make enough money to feed my habit for Christian Louboutin’s. It was while I was a trainee at a large New York brokerage house that I first met my husband Sean. I was charmed by his gentle manner and sensitivity; it was such a contrast to the aggressive macho types that populated the business scene. Perhaps they reminded me too much of myself. I had heard that opposites attract and it was certainly true in our case.
Unfortunately, aggressiveness is a required trait in stock brokers, something that came naturally to me but was totally foreign to Sean. After the first year, I was earning twice the amount that Sean was making and he asked for a transfer to the research department where he would not have to compete with me. We had been dating most of that year as well and he had just moved in to my apartment. Seeing each other all day at work and all night at home had become monotonous for both of us so I was not sorry to see him transferred. Meanwhile, our love life had become pretty conventional except that I noticed Sean responded more vigorously when I took the initiative, which I often did after a long day in the city. It became routine for me to be the aggressor in our lovemaking as Sean took on a passive role. I did not mind though and I actually found it exciting and empowering to subdue Sean.
One of my friends loaned me a few of her erotica books and introduced us to bondage, an experiment which soon proved highly stimulating for our sex lives. I used lengths of clothesline to tie Sean to our bed where I would then tantalize him by straddling his chest and holding my moist pussy over his face. Soon Sean’s tongue would be straining to reach my glistening sex, moaning and begging to taste the sweet nectar. While he lapped my cunt, I kept him erect with an occasional touch of my vibrator to his glans and his balls. It was during this exploring of sensitive areas that I found his anus was a very responsive spot. He half-heartedly tried to protest when I got near it with the vibe but I could tell his body was jerking with pleasure at the sensations.
Work was occupying more of my time and I often came home late to a dinner cooked by Sean; he was surprisingly adept in the kitchen, experimenting with exotic cuisine and spices that tantalized my senses. My hectic schedule left me with no time for normal household tasks so I placed an ad to find someone to do the cleaning, laundry, etc. After interviewing several unsatisfactory candidates, Sean verbalized a thought that had been running through my mind too. He proposed that he quit his job in order to run the household. Financially it made a lot of sense since his income was pitifully small compared to mine and staying home would give him time to manage our investments as well as perform the household duties. And although nothing was said out loud both of us knew that the arrangement would complement the direction that our sexual relationship was taking.
We easily fell into our new roles and since I greatly enjoyed my position as master of our household I decided to see how submissive Sean really was. One morning I found that Sean had not washed out my pantyhose as I had instructed him; I realized this was my opportunity to test his limits and jumped on it. I really threw a fit, yelling at him about his incompetence and inability to follow instructions. I knew that I was being unreasonable but I wanted to see what Sean’s reaction would be to my verbal tirade. He apologized profusely, saying he would try harder and begging me to forgive him. I told him that I depended on him to carry out even the simplest of tasks and as a reminder of his failure I instructed him to wear the pantyhose until I came home that night. Balancing on the edge of the bed next to him I demonstrated how to gently gather each leg and carefully slide the smooth nylon up each limb so he would not put holes in the delicate fabric. His cock swelled as he slid the silky garment onto his legs and I knew that this was a “punishment” he loved. An idea flashed through my head and before I even acknowledged it I said, “I bet you’d like to call me mistress wouldn’t you?” He nodded and replied, “Yes Mistress,” and the pantyhose swelled even more.
On my way home from work that night I explored a sex boutique and bought several domination magazines to give me ideas for my new role. After an hour surrounded by gorgeous dildos and kinky toys of all kinds I could not help fingering myself as I paged through them as I rode home in a taxi. I was thoroughly soaked by the time I got to the apartment and was anxious to feel Sean’s tongue on my clit but restraining myself with an outward cool demeanor actually aroused me even more. Sean met me at the door with a drink and I was pleased to see he had followed my orders and worn the pantyhose all day. However, I noticed a snag in their front and, infuriated, told him that he was not ever to play with himself again. His cock and balls belonged to me now and I would decide when he could use them for sex, if at all.
“You are absolutely disgusting!” I shouted at him. “I can’t even stand to look at the hair all over your body right now. Take off those pantyhose and go run a hot bath, I am going to shave off every strand so I don’t have to see or feel it ever again.”
Sean paused for a moment, stunned, not sure if I was serious. I took a step towards him, hand raised to smack his backside and he immediately jumped into action. Quickly but carefully he stripped off the pantyhose and scurried to the bathroom. The tub was filled halfway by the time I entered the room, casually sipping my martini and savoring the sight of him shivering in fear. I pulled out a basket of Lush bath products and began looking through them, gazing directly into his eyes as I raised one after another to test their smell.
“This Candy Bubble bar is nice—lots of bubbles and the scent of cotton candy—but I think the Butterball would be best for your first shave,” I said slowly. “The cocoa butter will soften your skin nicely, and besides that, it’s my personal favorite.”
Sean lay back in the tub while I perched on the vanity and began reading him a story from the Forced Womanhood magazine I had just purchased. My long, toned legs were right at his eye level and I made sure to cross and uncross them repeatedly so he could gaze longingly at the darkening patch on my wet panties. I smiled to myself when I caught sight of the pink tip of his extremely hard cock peeking through the bubbles, knowing how aroused and tortured he was. It was right then that I decided to draw out our little game as long as I could, probably forever, because I enjoyed the feeling of power and dominance it brought out in me.
Tossing back the last of my martini and easing myself off the vanity I began laying out products as I gave Sean further instructions. “You will dry off and smooth on plenty of lotion to keep your skin soft,” I said, placing a jar of body butter next to the sink. “After that, the honey dust,” I told him, with a devious smile, running the feather duster across my cleavage with a purr.
“You will put on everything laid out on the bed, do your face, and report to me in the living room. I expect you to be finished and kneeling at my feet before I finish my next cocktail,” I commanded as I walked out, empty glass in hand.
I decided that if Sean was going to be my maid then he should dress the part. I had purchased a uniform at the boutique earlier that evening which consisted of a short black frilly dress, a white apron, and black fishnet stockings that were helped up by garter straps attached to a heavily boned corset that laced up the back. The satin felt smooth and slippery beneath my fingers and the thought of my husband in such a feminine outfit made my pussy begin to throb anew.
I was amazed when he finally came out of the bedroom; he was absolutely beautiful! The dress fit perfectly but I knew his inexperience with the corset had not reduced his waist nearly as much as it could have. Unzipping his dress I ordered him to place his hands against the wall while I placed my knee in his lower back and tugged the laces tight.  I managed to reduce Sean’s waist to 26 inches and the cinching actually created a feminine bosom. The makeup was a little heavy but sexy in a tarty sort of way; it would do for tonight at least, tomorrow I would send him out for a proper makeover.
I restrained my impulse to kiss him and instead critiqued every detail of his look like a bitchy high school “mean girl.” I had him put on one of my wigs because the hair was not right. I told him that he must wear a wig at all times until his own hair was grown out long enough to style it in a feminine manner. He was still in his stocking feet so I instructed him to put on the oxfords that came with the uniform. They were black patent lace ups but instead of a low clunky heel they had five inch spikes. Sean made a beautiful maid, one that any woman would be proud to have.
The only problem was that Sean could not keep his hands off of himself while I was at work; his uniform and panties were stained with cum every time he presented himself for inspection. I knew I must correct this transgression or risk losing control of him and so set about formulating a plan. It took me a few days to get everything ready but I secretly enjoyed plotting out his punishment while he was none the wiser.
I tied Sean spread-eagle fashion to our bed clad only in his corset, stockings, and spike heels. His cock was sticking up in anticipation before I was finished, a bead of precum already forming at the tip. Slowly I rubbed it around the tip of his penis with my left hand while I reached into the nightstand with my right. Much to his surprise, I produced a stainless steel chastity cage and swiftly slid it over his shaft, bending it down slightly to lock the ring around his balls. Sean yelped in pain but surprisingly his cock did not go flaccid. Not only would this prevent Sean from getting full erections and playing with himself, but it also allowed him to urinate, however only in the manner of a woman, that is sitting down. Once Sean was over his surprise he agreed that it was a very neat arrangement and would help him remain focused on his household duties.  He also realized that if he were to have any hope of being released from this torturous penis prison he must obey my every whim.
Since Sean’s penis was unusable for sex I retied him in a kneeling position on the bed, making sure to fasten his ankles with a spreader bar to keep his sissy pussy open and available to me. After warming him up with some scratches on the back with one of my boot heels and an ass whipping with my braided riding crop, I strapped on my dildo and gave him a good long ass fucking. Now Sean must wait for me to take the key from around my neck before he can get an erection, and by now I actually have come to favor his tongue. A penis on a woman just seems kind of superfluous, don’t you think?


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