Enslaved Sissies and Maids 42: Interview with Princess @beckylesabre

Enslaved Sissies and maids hits newsstands tomorrow,12-8-15!

The following is an excerpt of our interview with Princess Becky LeSabre…to continue reading, pick up your copy of the magazine here.


Interview: Becky LeSabre

Interview by Penny Lace | Photo by J Shepherd Studios



“You should get comfortable with the taste and sensation of alpha male ejaculate in your mouth, down your throat and all over your face. You can practice by licking up your own feeble spitloads in preparation for your destiny.”

Don’t be fooled by the sweet girl-next-door look, Becky LeSabre is someone who will get her way, especially over a worthless sissy boy. “What’s more humiliating? Being broken by a pro-domme … or being stripped of your manhood, dominated and thoroughly emasculated by the innocent-looking girl?” With websites like Humiliatrix and beckylesabre.xxx, Princess Becky will force you to embrace your deepest fantasy. “I love it when you are willing to violate your boundaries to please me or amuse me,” says LeSabre. On her website, there are a multitude of custom-made videos which have a hypnotic effect on the viewer. “If you watch my sissification videos thinking you identify as straight, guess again Princess,” warns LeSabre. “You are going to find yourself wanting to wear panties and stockings beneath your work clothes. You’re going to start craving a big nasty cock in your mouth and my punishing strap-on in your ass without ever knowing why.” A Florida native, the dominating beauty is the perfect antidote for your naughty needs as a perfect sissy through the websites she is featured on. “I love using nothing more than my penetrating gaze and my words to coax you into doing the unthinkable; the forbidden. Until you are broken and enfeebled. (All) because Becky says so.” Go down the path of your darkest desires with this exclusive interview…once LeSabre is done, “you might start wetting your bed and feel the need to wear a diaper and toddler girl outfits to sleep, as is in my Hubbies clips4sale videos.”

What first interested you in the forced feminization of sissies?

I have never been able to take most men seriously — as sexual partners or otherwise. I see through men too easily and they mostly make me laugh. The trademark Princess Becky laughter in my Humiliatrix and my custom videos is completely sincere. I know too much about men; about the humiliating truths men work so hard to hide. It’s always been second nature for me to strip off that falsehood, whether I was stripping the pants of the neighborhood bully and wrestling him to the ground so I could spank him and send him home wearing my panties, or whether I’m doing what I do now for a living — putting sissies like you in your place with panties, butt plugs, chastity devices or a good hard pegging. It’s all about ridding you of your ‘real-man’ pretenses. By force, or by simply staring you in the eye until you melt into a pink puddle for me. That excites me and I enjoy it. I want to test—and ultimately make you break—your boundaries. I want to take you to the place that fills you with fear and excitement, and force you through that threshold with the flat of my steel-tipped boots.

Specifically? I like slapping your face, pinching your nipples, flicking your little dick, forcing lipstick across your lips… I like the sound of your whimpers, the way you teeter around in your high heels, the click of the lock on your chastity cage… I like the shame on your face when you make a cum puddle while I’ve been pegging you. And I love the email you’re going to be sending me after you suck your first cock.

What is your favorite thing about a new sissy?

I might decide to seduce you, as if taking you seriously as a man, and then turn the tables on you, overpower you and masturbate you into your own mouth — sending you home with a face full of jizz and a brand new impression of yourself. That’s fun and easy. Or I might take you on what you think is a shopping trip for me, and then, when we’re at the boutique I’ll hold up a pair of lace panties to your waist and ask the salesgirl if she can show me a pair in your size. The important thing for a new sissy is to internalize the idea that Princess is in charge. If I want to play with my puppet, he’ll come back.

. . .