Enslaved Sissies and Maids 41 “Call me names and make me scrub” (Excerpt)


Fiction By Miss Ivy Ohmigosh


It was my sixth day of my week of sissy servitude, and I was on my hands and knees in the bathroom, scrubbing the toilet, when Mistress Dorella came in. She looked so haughty and powerful in front of me, dressed beautifully to go out on a lunch date with her boyfriend Brad. I was careful not to raise my eyes, though, and just kept my gaze lowered so that I saw her red-polished toenails in the front of her strappy high heels. She bent over a little and adjusted my maid’s cap.

“Just because you’re scrubbing doesn’t mean your uniform cant be on straight, Sissy Sweetie Bird,she said. “I’m tired of your sloppiness. It’s like you’re trying to pretend that youre still some kind of unruly male.She tugged up her skirt, peeled down her panties to her thighs, and sat down on the pot. Her stream of pee tinkled inside the bowl and she smiled at me. Youd do anything for me, wouldn’t you, Sissy Sweetie Bird? Maybe next time Ill just pee right in your mouth.

No, Mistress, I dont want to drink pee...

Well, I dont think youd have much to say about it. I’m in charge of you now. Didn’t I warn you before we started, sissy? Warned you that once you became my sissy, I wouldn’t see you any other way? Not as a man anymore, not as a journalist, but only as a recipient for my orders and, maybe, ha-ha, my pee!”

“No, Mistress, don’t even say it!”

“Or maybe I should have my boyfriend pee in your mouth? Would you like that better, you cocksucker wannabe?”

“Ohmigosh no, Mistress Dorella! I don’t want Brad to—oh I can’t even think about it or say the words—”

The idea made me shiver, but the idea and mental image of Mistress Dorella cruelly smiling while lifting Brad’s huge organ in her red-manicured fingers and aiming it to pee in my mouth was so thrilling in its total humiliating power.

Yes, she had made me into a truly subservient being…


“Ha-ha, don’t worry, sissy, I’ll only pee in your mouth when I think you’re ready, not to mention having Brad piss there too. I’m just thinking out loud about all the fun we can have together. But you have much more training to go first! Still, let’s get started by saving some toilet paper and have you wipe my pussy with your tongue…just a little taste should make an impression on your sissy brain.

I did as she asked, extending my tongue, tasting the bitter saltiness between the plump folds of her vagina, both feeling the lowness of my action and my sissy clit stiffening in my panties.

Ah, for someone who was so horrified at the idea of being a toilet, you certainly just gave me a thorough swabbing, you little liar!” said Mistress Dorella, pinching my cheek. Then she stood so that I could lift up her panties, put them back in place over her garters, and draw down her skirt over her stocking tops and back to just above her knees.

“I’ll see you later, sissy. And remember, no squirties! I won’t need a lie detector to know if you’ve pulled your prissy peeny. Sticky pre-cum is okay in your panties, I know you can’t help that; but if I see any evidence of big creamy in your panty crotch—or detect you lying about it when I look in your eyes—there WILL be hell to pay!”

Yes, Mistress Dorella!!” I returned to my bathroom duties while I heard her high heels clicking out of the apartment.


(Continued in Chapter 2)