A Day In The Life Of A Dom And Her Sissy

I was never really cut out for the typical gender role society defined for me as a woman; confined to the home and taking care of the needs of a man. Men have everything they could ever need so why is it that women are expected to cater to their desires? That is not the life for me! So as early as my teens I began practicing the art of domination with my boyfriends and have never looked back. Now I own dedicated slaves who satisfy my every desire and I could not be happier or more fulfilled. For the past year and a half I have been training (and tormenting) a sissy slave who is so devoted to me that I cannot even remember what life was like before we met.
Although we have come a long ways together the most important lesson my sissy must continue to be schooled in is the rule that everything I say and do must be accepted without any hesitancy, argument, or justification. Sissy must be absolutely obedient; he must approach me with head bowed in recognition of the fact that his world exists for my pleasure only and that his single function in life is to follow me wherever I choose to take him.
The key to maintaining a sissy is to keep his training sustained and consistent. My role as a Dom is to never give sissy any opportunity to question his role as the subservient, humiliated house-boy I have turned him into.
By this time sissy knows what I expect him to do when he awakes in the morning; with his eyes downcast and with his arms fixed by his side he waits for my permission to enter my bedroom. That is if I haven’t kept him chained to a chair in my room while I entertain my lovers and have him serve as a witness. I know how much it excites sissy to see me fucking three or four lovers at a time. He knows I always send my lovers away before morning so I can use sissy as a lap-dog to clean up after them. Sometimes I allow sissy to crouch on a pillow at the end of my bed with his hands free to work away on his tiny cock to no effect whatsoever except to lead him to produce a continuous series of squeals and moans. These become more intense when I permit sissy to lap and lick the cum left in my cunt. I sit on the edge of my bed, hold his head firmly in my hands and keep sissies face so firmly attached to my vagina he can only breathe when I graciously lift his face off me only to bring it back to its proper place as my personal douche bag.
You would think I would tire of sissy because there are a limited number of “amusements” a Dom can inflict on his mind and body. I do try to introduce new elements to keep me wet and excited, but the basic forms of sissy humiliation still provide me with enough of a sexual jolt to make discarding him far away from my present plans.
After our morning rituals sissy gets busy getting the bath ready, setting out my powder and perfume, painting my nails when necessary and then scurrying off to prepare my breakfast (which I usually take in bed), then washing the dishes, washing and ironing my clothes for the day, then cleaning up around the home.
Sometimes I have him wear his French-maids uniform as it is aesthetically pleasing to watch my servant in something so frilly and demeaning, plus I simply adore the swishing sound of lacy petticoats as he bustles around the house, reminding him of his feminine place in our household. Other times he cleans house in just a bra and panties, or a bra and a micro, but whatever he’s wearing I always insist he wear 6 to 8 inch stilettos. I love to see him – even after all his stiletto training – wobbling as he cleans, trying desperately to remain upright. He knows that if he should lose his balance while I happen to be in the room with him, I might stick my leg out and trip him before I savagely beat him for being so clumsy.
Another method I employ in his training is to lead sissy to his next assignment by attaching his dog collar and pulling him with my leash, often ordering him to lick various spots on the floor, like a dog searching for scraps of food. If I am feeling particularly cruel I attach the leash to the little pinky ring I have fitted around his miniature cock. This device leads to groans and howls from sissy so I mostly use it when I want to drag him longer distances inside or outside of the house.
Outside, whether it’s warm or cold, I like to dress sissy in one of his many micros which barely cover his cock and balls. When I drag him along, his puny cock gets stretched to its maximum length, no more than 2 inches but still visible to any strangers who see him. I think sissy’s humiliation is at its peak when I drag him by his cock to a grocery store where he struggles along behind me as I shop. This is the site of the most concentrated gawking at sissy and some strangers even come near to pet him or boldly ask if they can pull on his cock for just a moment. Sissy, of course, turns beet-red but he has no say in the matter, obviously. To make him even more sissified, sometimes when we go shopping I attach little tinkling bells to his balls – music to my ears.
I have just about decided to eliminate sissy’s balls and replace them with permanently installed little bells, so that inside or out I’ll always know where sissy is all of the time. To complete this ensemble I’m also thinking of driving a large needle or nail through sissy’s nipples and then attach tiny bells to each end of the needle. These multiple bells should make sissy even more compliant and subservient.
Sissy is so small I can easily lift him up, cradle him in my arms and make him suck my large tits and lick my nipples. After they become firm and hard I suck them myself as I twist and pinch sissy’s tits to the accompaniment of his jingling bells.
After this I like to carry sissy to his little sissy bed for a nap before he resumes his evening chores. The door to sissies room has been removed so whenever I choose to I can easily observe him napping or masturbating (as he often and unsuccessfully tries to do). This is extremely fun to watch because no matter how long he goes at it nothing ever happens. There are times when I let sissy masturbate for hours. The level of his frustration (as his puny cock remains permanently limp) is incredibly stimulating and I frequently get myself off over-and-over again as I watch him diddle his cock to absolutely no effect. He rubs it, he fingers it, he grasps it, he tries to insert it into an empty bottle of perfume I’ve allowed him to use; nothing happens and nothing will ever happen. I don’t think there’s anything more exciting for a Dom than to see then her sissy hopelessly trying to become a “man” again. I can, watching his futility, just touch my nipples or cup my tits to achieve multiple orgasms.
The Dom’s life is the best life there is, and keeping it that way depends upon keeping my sissy sissified forever. Keeping him eternally enslaved makes me so wet that if it weren’t for sissy’s mouth and tongue I would need a bath towel to keep me dry!

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