A Trip To The Mall

My name is slave juli. Mistress has directed me to write to you concerning a recent outing that She and i had. Before i begin i must explain that i am a PERMANENTLY CHASTISED and PERMANENTLY FEMINIZED BONDAGE and SISSY SLAVE. i have been so for two years, nine months, three weeks and five days as of this writing. This marks the time that i have been chastised, or “TUBED”. Thanks to Mistresses’ severe bondage and intense training i now look – and act – completely like a woman.

It has been very frustrating on my part – i still miss sex so much! Even after all this time i still have “my days”. i try to bloom but the penis chastity tube keeps me from full erection, and i usually end up suffering through a “spasm”. Due to the devious techniques that mistress employs, including penis head punishers, penis medicine (for HOT DOGS), and (gulp) penal enemas, my “spasms” are getting further apart, but when one comes on it is hip-shaking and knee-bending. Mistress loves it! i am becoming a docile, submissive slave right before Her eyes! She has seen to it that my life is totally feminine, from my wardrobe to the way i walk, sit, and eat! Mistress has used these last two years, nine months, three weeks and five days to “purge” the “maleness” from me and replace it with ladylike behavior. It has been interesting to say the least!
On this occasion in particular i was told in advance to prepare for a trip to the mall. We were going to get me some panties and nylons stockings. That meant, of course, we were going to a woman’s clothing store, which meant that we – i – would be around women, and that meant that i would have to be on my best behavior. i mustn’t embarrass Mistress! i must keep my chastised penis under control – Mistress will certainly check from time to time!
For my outing, Mistress had decided that i would be dressed ladylike and proper. i had, of course, my penis chastity tube and Prince Albert penis head ring – these were mandated 24/7. Next was a strap-on butt plug. The straps – which went under my crotch and around my waist—were thin leather; they wouldn’t show under my clothes but they kept the butt plug right in place! Over that were a pair of very nice panties lined with a very aromatic feminine pad. my bra was a sexy lace demi-cup – Mistress just loved it! A pair of sheer nylon thigh highs encased my shaved legs, and a short-sleeved white blouse covered my bra. A knee-length dark skirt was next, and a pair of 3 ? inch black pumps finished my dressing. As a final touch, i was spritzed with perfume! i wouldn’t be wearing a penal tampon this time so if i stained my panties, i was told there would be hell to pay (gulp)!!
So, off we went to the mall. As we drove along, i gazed out the car window and enjoyed the soft caress of the sun on my shaven, exposed skin. i felt, looked and smelled so-o-o-o-o feminine! Mistress had no fear of me “escaping” – i had no money or ID and besides, how far would i get in these shoes? Actually, i enjoyed going shopping, but i knew that because i was so easily aroused, my chastised penis would soon be killing me!
We pulled into the parking lot and walked into the mall, arm-in-arm like real girlfriends. Mistress giggled at my “walk” and from time to time she would tease me about my “situation”. She especially liked to remind me of my PERMANENT CHASTISEMENT! As we walked along, i couldn’t help but to think that all eyes were looking at me. i suppose, however, that i could not blame them. Mistress had transformed me into a good-looking woman, and Mistress was very attractive in her own right.
We finally arrived at the ladies store – it was tres chic and quite busy! i had been there before with Mistress because it had every womanly item that Mistress wanted me to have. The problem that i have when visiting – and Mistress is fully aware – is that all of the sales staff are attractive, well-dressed ladies who tease and taunt me. This inevitably causes me to have naughty thoughts, causing my chastised penis to try and bloom, which Mistress will discover and then inform me that because of my “unladylike behavior” i was due extra discipline when we got home. Well, exactly that happened, and after my purchase, we walked back to the car. my heart was pounding in anticipation as Mistress chit-chatted along the way. Of course, she wasn’t going to be tortured when she got home – i was! my blood raced as i wondered what was in store for me. As we drove along, Mistress sensed my fear and began to remind me of who i was (slave juli) and what i was (a PERMANENTLY CHASTISED and PERMANENTLY FEMINIZED BONDAGE and SISSY SLAVE). She said that it was for my own good that She continue my training since i was at the point to where i couldn’t go back to being a “man”. She was right there – i was 90% woman. A shiver ran down my spine as we drove into the garage. We went in the house, and i obediently stripped in front of Her. i then went and freshened up in the ladies room and reported to the “training room”. Mistress then tied me spread eagle standing up. She stretched me tightly. my throbbing chastised penis stuck out like a sore thumb, with the head a reddish-purple color. Mistress then coated my penis head with “penis medicine” (ICY HOT OINTMENT) then sat down at a table in front of me. i whimpered and sobbed. The pain was so-o-o-o intense. Mistress sat there and quizzed me about slavery. i answered the best i could. She then spritzed me with perfume which sent sheets of pain through my penis as i strained to get an erection. Mistress giggled. She just loved to Dominate me! After several hours of this i was let loose and sent to my room to get cleaned up and put to bed. Tomorrow would come early, and i had chores to do!

slave julie

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