Sissydoll Pamella

Sissydoll Pamella      

​Formerly known as a Sissymaid Claudia, Pamella changed her name recently in 2015 due to there being another Sissymaid Claudia in Europe, and in Pamella’s words, “After a while it got a bit confusing as images that were not me came up when you searched Sissymaid Claudia, so I simply used my middle name Pamella and became Sissydoll Pamella, now I am the only one, it’s a rebirth.”

Pamella has been a closet sissymaid for a long while, serving a few professional and lifestyle Female Domina’s in Europe and the USA over the last decade. She served as a live in and/ live out maid, also serving in the dungeon and in the home, both as a domestic and a sissyslave pet. A short while ago she decided due to the enormous amount of Sissy Smut and Fem Dom KINK her  mind conceives daily and the fact that she dresses as a girl everyday, it was time to take it to the next level and create a realm of her lifestyle fantasies. Her adult sphere of KINK where she plans to let it all out. Lets hope that becomes a reality as we would love to see Pamella evolve. The girl is working it, she is planning a crowd funding campaign to create a series of photo with Dommes, very sexy.

Pamella has written four short stories for Enslaved Sissies and Maids magazine and has shot some fabulous Sissymaid pictures of herself to promote them, her helpless,  chastized, sissy look magically evolves it seems each chapter she writes.

Her artistically licensed / real life stories are featured in Enslaved Sissies Magazine:

Chapter 1 “Milking Myself”
Chapter 2 “Caught By My Big Sister”
Chapter 3″My Dominatrix Mother”
Chapter 4 “Castle Draconissa Pt1″

Pt 2 will be published shortly, photos will feature Goddess Sativa and a special Transsexual Domme guest. esmaidsbio2
​Sissydoll Pamella is from Germany, Europe and is launching her transition to Transsexual if possible this year. Having been a transvestite since she was 15, it might be that time to go her true place of destiny.  Pamella plans to have that feminization forced upon her 24/7 and serve her transition from TV to Transexual as a sissymaid slave, creating extreme content under strict Fem Dom of her servitude, feminization and transition.  It could be an interesting journey.

You can stay in touch with Sissydoll Pamella daily on her blog @: (you will need an email invitation to view content)

She posts daily updates about kink, her fantasies, stories and tales of Forced Feminization, Forced Womanhood, Enslaved Sissymaid Servitude, Sissy Pimping, Pansification and more. Includes photo’s, featured Fem Dommes, Hot Transsexual’s, TV’s and sissies plus lots of girlie goodies and fun.

​e-Kontakt with Sissydoll Pamella:

Sissydoll Pamela is planning on building a intimate private online KINK community over the next year or so of Fem Dommes, Mistress’s, Transsexual Dommes, TV Dommes, Hot Sissies and other kinksters to pursue her agenda of Forced Womanhood, Enhanced Strict Feminization and Enslaved Sisymaid servitude. A realm of hardcore kink, XXX fantasy, fun and sexploration of the seductive side of our KINK side.

Pamella’s stories for Enslaved Sissies and Maids magazine are posted @

Sissydoll Pamella is producing and featuring in a number of upcoming photo shoots, she will be shooting with Goddess Sativa shortly, and plans more shoots to follow with select Female Dommes, Transexuals, TV’s and Sissies etc. Lets keep Pamella enslaved into sissy servitude and keep that KINK cumming.

Curtseys, Kinks, crops and Whips